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X:33 T:The Dark-eyed Gypsy M:4/4 L:1/8 S:P.J.Healey, San Francisco R:Air K:G "Andante"d2|B2 {d}cA G3 g|B2 {d}cA G3 d/2e/2| =f2 g2 A2 _B2|=B2 c2 d3 B/2c/2| d2 ga b3 a/2g/2|{a}gf dB c3 B/2c/2|B g2 f d2 cA|A2 G2 G2| |:Bc|d2 ga b3 a/2g/2|{a}gf dB c3 B/2c/2|de =fe d2 cA|A2 G2 G2:|| % % Although suggestive of an English origin, "The Dark-eyed Gypsy" was % the name of a popular song in Tipperary, Mr. Healey's native county.