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X:33 T:The Woodchopper's Breakdown T:The Woodchopper's Reel T:Reel de la soupe aux pois C:Ned Landry N:Title and composer info, thanks to Sue Ward, niece to Ned Landry S:repertoire d'Isidore Soucy M:4/4 L:1/8 K:D fg |: afdB AGFE | DFAd f2ef | gece AGA2 | a^gab a2f=g | afdB AGFE | DFAdf2ef | gece Acec |1 dfec d2fg :|2 gece d2AF |: DFAd B2AF | DFAd B2AF | A,CEA ceaf | gfed cBAF | DFAd B2AF | DFAd B2AF | A,CEA ceaf | gecA d4 :|