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X:34 T:Cnoic Uisnach T:Hill of Uisnach M:4/4 L:1/8 S:P.J. O'Donohue, San Francisco R:Air K:G "Maestoso"e>d|B2 AF E2 F2|D3 E F2 A2|B2 AF E2 E2|E4 (3BAF| E2 EF A2 B2|e4 d2 e2|f2 ed B2 e2|d6|| AF|E2 EF A2 B2|e4 d2 e2|f2 ed B2 e2|d4 e3 d| B2 AF E2 F2|D3 E F2 A2|B2 AF E2 E2|E6|| % % I am informed by our liberal contributor, Mr. Francis E. Walsh of % San Francisco, that variants of the above air are known to several % of his musical acquaintances but by different names such as % "Knuck Usnach Gathering"; "Knuck Costhnach"; "The Coming % of Lugh"; and "The Poor Man's Friend". Mr. O'Donohue, whose % setting is presented, insists that it is the true air of "Willy % Reilly", the old time favorite of an earlier generation. The melody % is the real thing however.