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X:384 T:The Parson Boasts of Mild Ale M:9/8 L:1/8 B:O'Neill's 384 N:Gaily. N:The last note of the second section is 1/4 (should be dotted.) N:The accidental on the last note of the first section should N:be on the previous note. N:collected by J. O'Neill Z:Transcribed by Chris Falt, cfalt@trytel.com K:Gm G2D B,A,B, G,2D|G2G GAB cA^F|GAB AG^F G2(D/2E/2)|=FGF FCB, A,B,C| G2D B,A,B, G,2D|G2G GAB cAF|BAG AG^F G2(G/2A/2)|BAG DGF ^G2|| c|B2B B2d fdB|A2F FcB ABc|BAG G2D G2G|dBG GAG Bcd| B2B BBd f2B|A2F FcB ABc|BAG G2D/2D/2 G2(G/2A/2)|BAG DG^F G2||