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X: 44 T:The Ireland We Knew R:Reel C:Ed Reavy M:4/4 L:1/8 Z:Joe Reavy N:Much has come and gone in N:Ireland since the early N:days of this century. Nothing remains N:the same in a world that has long N:since entered its most advanced technological N:age. But poets dream their N:dreams, and the heart of every Irishman N:longs for the Ireland he once knew. K:G dc|BdcA BGG_B|A=F (3FEF ABcA|BdcA G2 A=F|DCB,C DE (3=FGA| BdcA BGG_B|A=F (3FEF CF (3FEF|GABc (3dcB (3cBA|BdcA BGGA:| Bggf gd^cd|A=F (3FEF DEFD|Bggf gdBd|cBdc BG=FD|Ggfg agfg| ecBc A=F (3FEF|GABc dcBc|dg (3gfg fdcA:|