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X:46 T:Belinda. PFD2.046 B:Playford's Dancing Master, Vol 2, 1713-28 Z:vmp.Chris Partington 2015 M:C| L:1/4 Q:1/2=100 W:The tune must be play'd quite through. W:1st man turn right hands with the 2d man, the 1st Wo with the 2d Wo at the same time W:Then 1st Cu left hand into their own places, W:1st man change places with the 2d Wo and 1st Wo with the 2d man; W:Hands half round in your own places then 1st Cu sett and cast off .| W:Then right and left once round with the upper Cu, and turn into 2d Cu place W: then the figure of 8 into the 2d Cu place W:Then clap hands and turn S, then turn hands to the repeat of the tune. K:D A|F2B2|AFGE|F2D2|A2A/G/F|GBA=c|Bdce|A2c2|d3e| fdec|dBcA|BGAF|GEFD|FAdF|^GBeB|=c3"added"z|(d/e/=f)ed| =c3B|(B=c)(BA)|AAEF|GFGA|B2zB|BGAB|=c2cB|e2ef| g/f/e/d/ e/d/=c/B/|=c/B/A/G/ (A/G/F/E/)|B=c/B/ A/G/F/E/|E2zE|\ CEAE|FAdF|^GBeB|c/d/ecA| d2cB|(AG)(FE)|F2D2|A2zA|"S"B/c/Bc/d/c|d/e/de/f/e|f3(e/d/)|d2-||d2|]