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X: 48 T:The Village Of Cong R:Reel C:Ed Reavy M:4/4 L:1/8 Z:Joe Reavy N:This is the village of the Quiet Man, where N:Sean Thornton (John Wayne) squares of against N:Squire Danaher (Victor McLaglen) in one of N:Hollywood's legendary donnybrooks. Ed loved the N:quaintness of this village and the people he met there. K:G A|GFDE FEFD|G2 dG eGdG|=FEDC B,CDE|F2 cF dFcF| G^FGA GFDA|GABc defg|(3agf (3gfe d^cde|=fd=cA G3:| f|gfgd BGGe|=fefc AFF^f|gfga (3_bag ag|fgaf dfga| (3_bag (3agf gfde|=fage fdcA|G2 (3ABc dBcB|GE=FE DEFE||