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X: 49 T:The Loughs of Cavan R:reel C:Ed Reavy M:4/4 L:1/8 Z:Joe Reavy N:Cavan, "the place of caves," is N:also a region spotted with lovely lakes N:like Lough Sheelin. Ed likes to refer N:to his Cavan birthplace as "my old lake country home." K:G GFGB AF (3FEF|dBcA BGAF|GBAF DEFA|dBcA BGAF| GFGB AF (3FEF|dBcA BGAF|GBAF DEFA|dBcA BGGf| g2 ag fddf|eccB cdef|gbag fafd|cBAc BGGf| g2 ag fddf|eccB cdef|gbag fafd|cedc (3Bcd cA||