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X:52 T:The Girl I Left Behind Me M:2/4 L:1/16 S:Rice_Walsh manuscript R:March K:G gf|edB^c dBA=c|BAGF EDEF|GFGA GABc|dedc B2gf| (3efg de (3Bcd Ac|BAGF EDEF|GFED EGFA|G4 G2:| |:BA|Bdef gfgb|agfe d2Bd|edef gfed|(3efg af g2fg| (3efg de (3Bcd Ac|BAGF EDEF|GFED EGFA|G4 G2:| |:gf|(3efg dB (3cde cA|(3Bcd BG FDEF|GBdB cdec|(3efg (3fga gfed| (3efg dB (3cde cA|(3Bcd BG FDEF|GFED EGFA|G4 G2:| |:GF|DGBd dcAB|cBGB BAFA|DGBd dcAg|(3fga gf gdBG| DGBd dcAB|cBGB BAFA|BAGA (3Bcd FA|G4 G2:| |:dc|BA (3Bcd ed (3efg|(3fga gf gdBG|BA (3Bcd ed (3efg|(3fga gf g2fg| (3efg dB (3cde cA|(3Bcd BG FDEc|(3BdB GB (3AcA FA|G4 G2:|| % % Few tunes are more widely known than "The Girl I Left Behind Me", % or "The Spalpeen Fanach", as an air, march, or hornpipe. Even so, % no apology is needed for the introduction of this elaborate setting % with variations by Jeremiah Breen, a famous blind fiddler of North % Kerry of the past generation. His tunes noted down by a pupil, % Thomas Rice, were transcribed by a friend Sergt. James P. Walsh % of the Chicago Police.