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X:53 T:The Mountain Lark N:Reel Allan's #53 N:Trad/Anon N: Thoughtfully transcribed for me by Mr. R.W.W. Taylor of New York N:since I stupidly forgot to do this. Thank you! M:C| L:1/8 K:G (gf)|(eA (3cBA) eABA|GFEF G2 (ED)|EAAB cBcd|efge d2 (fg)| (eA (3cBA) eABA|GFEF G2 (ED)|EAAB cBcd|efge d2|| (Bc)|dgfg (dg) {a}((3gfg)|eaga (ea) {b}((3aga)|efge defg|af{a}ge d2 (Bc)| dgfg (dg) {a}((3gfg)|eaga (ea) {b}((3aga)|efge defg|((3agf) (ge) d2|]