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X: 53 T:Molly on the Shore R:reel C:Ed Reavy M:4/4 L:1/8 Z:Joe Reavy N:Fritz Kreisler once recorded a setting N:of this popular tune. Ed re-wrote the first N:two parts and added an original third N:part. That third part is one of his N:finest compositions. K:G GF|DGGB d2 cA|d2 cA FGAF|DGGB d^cde|=fd=cd AGG^F| DGGB d2 cA|d2 cA FGAF|DGGB d^cde|=fd=cd AGGA| dg (3gfg afgf|dfcf dfcf|dg (3gfg afgf|d=fcd AGGA| dg (3gfg afgf|dfcf dfcf|(3bag (3agf gfde|=fdcA G2 G^F| DGGB dcAG|D=FCF DFCF|DGGB d^cde|=fdcd AGG^F| DGGB dcAG|D=FCF DFCF|DGGB d^cde|=fdcA AGGA| g3 a fe^fa|gfga fdcf|gfga fgag|^fdcd AGGA| g3 a fe^fa|gfga =f2 ga|(3_bag (3agf gfde|=fdcA G2||