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X:58 T:The Flogging Reel N:Allan's #58 pp 14 N:Trad/Anon. B:Allan's Irish Fiddler (pub. Mozart Allen, Glascow) date unknown Z:FROM ALLAN'S TO NOTEWORTHY, FROM NOTEWORTHY TO ABC, MIDI AND .TXT BY VINCE BRENNAN Dec. 2002 (HTTP://WWW.SOSYOURMOM.COM) N:also see O'Neill's Music of Ireland #1026 (Lyon & Healy edition) or by name in Krassen Edition I:abc2nwc M:2/2 L:1/8 K:G c|:BG ((3GGG) (BG)cG|BG ((3GGG) (Bdg)d|BG ((3GGG) (BG)dB|AGFG ABcA:| |:BG ((3GGG) (BG)cG|BG ((3GGG) (Bdg)d|BG ((3GGG) (BG)dB|AGFG ABcA:| |:"^~"g3d BGBd|g2({a}ge) fgaf|gfgd BGBd|AGFG ABcA|| "^~"g3d BGBd|g2({a}ge) fgag|bgaf gedB|AGFG ABcA|| Bdgd Bdgd|Bdgd BGGB|Ac=fc Acfc|Ac=fc A=FFA|| Bdgd Bdgd|Bdef"^~"g3a|bgaf gedc|AGFG ABcA:|G6|]