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X: 58 T:The Glen Reel M:4/4 L:1/8 C:Ed Reavy R:reel Z:Joe Reavy N:Glens are not always pictures of springtime N:greenery. Ed remembers them much as N:Nora did in Syngeis Shadow of the Glen- N:"and seeing nothing but the mists rolling N:down the bog, and the mists again, N:and they rolling up the bog, and hearing nothing N:but the wind crying out in the bits of N:broken trees left from the great storm, and N:the streams roaring with the rain." N:Ireland is the terrible beauty of the dark glen N:in the depth of its wild wind and storm. K:Bb GF|:DGGA B2 AG|Agfd cAGF|DGGA B2 AG|AdcA AGGF| DGGA (3BcB AG|Agfd cAGF|DGGA B2 AG|1AdcA AGGF:| [2AdcA AGG^f||gbag fdd=e|(3ff=e fd cAGA|gbag fdd^c| dg^fa gfga|(3bag (3ag^f gfd_e|(3=ff=e fd cAGF| DGGA B2 AG|1AdcA AGG^f|2AdcA AGGF||