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X:596 T:The Bend of the River T:caime na a mne R:air N:Slow. B:O'Neill's 597 Z:Transcribed by John Walsh (walsh@math.ubc.ca) M:6/8 L:1/16 %Q:50 K:Dm (FG)|A3(BAG) F4 A2|G3(AFD) C4 (AG)|.F.E.D .C.A,.C|F4 A2G4 (FG)| A3(BAG) F4 A2|G3(AFD) C4 (AG)|.F.E.D .C.A,.^C|D6 D4|| (DE)|F3(AFD) F4 A2|c3(dcA) c4 (AG)|F3(AFD) F2A2c2|d6 d4 e2| f2e2dc A4 (FA)|G3(AFD) C4 (AG)|.F.E.D .C.A,.^C|D6 D4||