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X: 6 T:Leddy From Cavan R:Reel C:Ed Reavy S:The Collected Compositions of Ed Reavy M:4/4 L:1/8 Z:Joe Reavy N:Leddy from Cavan. John Leddy and Ed worked N:in the plumbing business together and became close N:friends over the years. John was proud of N:Ed's accomplishments, particularly because both N:were Cavanmen. His son John Jr. was a promising N:young fiddler who studied with Ed in the fortie N:John Sr. played the fiddle a bit himself N:and had a great love of traditional music. K:D DE|:=FEDF EDCE|Dd{e}c defd|[E2C2] {d}cB cAFE|=FEDF EDCE| DE=FE DA,G,A,|FGAF G2 FG|Ad{e}dc defd|1=cAFE D2 EG:| [2cAFE DEFA||d2 fd Adfd|c2 ec Gcec|d2 [df]d Adfa |gfge fddc| defd Adfd|cdef g2 fg|(3agf (3gfe A=cBd|1 ^cAGE DEFA:| [2 ^cAGE D2 EG||