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X:61 T:The Croppies' March No.2 M:4/4 L:1/8 S:Capt. F. O'Neill R:March K:D B|A>BAF ABde|faef d/2e/2f/2d/2 Bd|A>BAF ABde|faef d2 d2:|| faag/2f/2 gbba/2g/2|faef d/2e/2f/2d/2 "tr"BA| faag/2f/2 gbbc'|d'c'ba b2 ba|faag/2f/2 gbba/2g/2| faef d/2e/2f/2d/2 Bd|A>BAF ABde|faef d2 d2|| % % The term "Croppy" grew from the custome of the English and % Scotch reformers in 1795, who cut their hair short. The same % custom was adopted by the reformers in Ireland; and hence all % those who wore their hair short were denominated "Croppies", % and were the marked objects of government vengeance. In % truth, clipped hair constituted secondary evidence of treason, % and was sufficient to cause the arrest and ill treatment of any % person daring enough to adopt it.