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X:62 T:Port Gordon M:4/4 L:1/8 S:O'Farrell's Pocket Companion 1804-1810 K:F DE|F2 FG A2 GF|G2 GA c2 AG|FEFG A2 GF|G3 F D2 DE| F2 FG A2 GF|G2 GA c2 AG|A3 B A2 G2|A6 DE| F2 FG A2 GF|G2 GA c2 AG|A2 AB AGFG|A4 f2 DE| F2 FG F2 ED|EDEG A2 GE|D2 DE FED^C|D6|| de|f3 g fg a2|FEFG F2 ED|f3 g f>g a2|GFGA G2 fg| a4 a2 gf|g4 agfe|fgfe defe|dA =cA/2G/2 A3 A| d2 dc defe|dedc A2 AB|c2 cA cded|dcAG A2 AG| F2 FG F2 ED|EDEG A3 c|dedc AGA^c|d6|| % % In "Hardiman's Irish Minstrelsy Vol.1", "Port Gordon" % is listed as one of Carolan's compositions, and it is also % attributed to him in "O'Farrell's Pocket Companion for % the Irish or Union Pipes", from which the above setting % was copied. Bunting, however, includes "Port Gordon" % among the compositions of Rory Dall O'Cahan, a famous % harper of the Western Highlands. The fact is that Carolan % exercised his talents in retouching his predecessor's % composition according to his own personal fancy. % The setting which follows, taken from O'Neill's Music of % Ireland was found among Sergt. James O'Neill's % inherited manuscripts.