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X: 64 T:The Last Tune R:reel C:Ed Reavy M:4/4 L:1/8 Z:Joe Reavy N:It may not be the last one, but it certainly N:will do as a fine conclusion to a story that began N:almost a century ago on a country farm near the N:town of Cootehill in County Cavan. K:C AB|c2 GF ECCD|B,CDE FDB,D|G,A,B,C DE^FG|AB (3ccd edcB| c2 Bd cGEG|FEDC B,CDF|(3EED EG ^FGAc|1Bcdf eccB:| [2Bcdf ecc^f||g2 ^fa gece|=fedc BGGB|AFFE FGAc| (3Bcd eg ^fdBd|g2 ^fa gece|=faaf dBGB|AFFE FGAc| [1Bcdf ecc^f:|2 BcdB cGAB||