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X:68 T:The Gobby O and Variations M:6/8 L:1/16 S:Rice-Walsh manuscript K:Bb dc|BAGABG AGFGAF|D2G2G2 G2^F2G2|AGABcB A2G2F2|cAdcAG F2G2A2| BAGABG B2A2G2|AFDEFG A2B2c2|dcdefe dcBAGF|D2G2G2 G4|| D2|G4 A2 B4 c2|d3efa g4 a2|bagabg fedefd|cAdcAG F2G2A2| BAGABG B2A2G2|AFDEFG A2B2c2|dcdefe dcBAGF|D2G2G2 G4|| ga|bagabg ag^fgaf|d2g2g2 g2^f2g2|a2abab a2g2f2|c'2a2ag f2g2a2| bagabg ag^fgag|f2d2B2 g2c'2ag|f2d2c2 A2G2F2|A2G2G2 G4|| g2|gbag^fa gbagfa|g2d2B2 g2d2B2|fgagfe f2g2a2|f2c2A2 f2c2A2| g2e2c2 a2f2d2|b2g2b2 d'2a2g2|f2d2c2 A2G2F2|A2G2G2 G4|| Bc|dcBcdB GABcdB|dcBcdB GABcdB|cBABcA FGABcA|cBABcA FGABcA| BAGABG cBABcA|fedefd gfgbag|fedefe dcBAGF|D2G2G2 G4|| GF|D2B2B2 D2G2A2|D2G2F2 G2A2GF|D2B2B2 D2A2A2|F2GFED F2G2A2| D2B2B2 cBABcA|fedefd gfgbag|fedefe dcBAGF|D2G2G2 G4|| Bc|dedcdc B2G2G2|AFDEFG A2B2c2|dcde^fa g2f2g2|agbag^f gfagfe| dcedcd B2G2G2|AFDEFG A2B2c2|dcdefe dcBAGF|D2G2G2 G4|| % % Classed as an Irish tune in "Aird's Selections etc 1782-97" and in % "Brand & Weller's Country Dances for 1798". "The Gobby O" % was a simple jig of two parts. The possibilities of elaboratiion % based on a popular strain are well illustrated by Jeremiah Breen, % a blind fiddler of Ballybunnian, North Kerry, as noted down by % his pupil Thomas Rice