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X:706 T:The King Of The Pipers N:collected by Cronin B:O'NEILL'S 702 Z:Transcribed by A. LEE WORMAN M:6/8 L:1/8 K:D A|{e}dDD {d}cDD|{c}BDD {B}ADD|{e}dDD {d}cBA|{B}AGF EFA| {e}dDD {d}cDD|{c}BDD {B}ADD|(B/c/d)(B {d}c).B.A|GEC EFG:| ||DFF DGG|DFF DEE|DFF DGG|{B}AGE {B}AGE| D ~F2 D ~G2|D ~F2 D ~E2|B/c/dB {d}cBA|GEC EFG:| ||{e}dAF DFA|{c}BAF DFA|{e}dAF DFA|{B}AGF EFA| {e}dAF DFA|{c}BAF DFA|(B/c/d)B {d}cBA|GEC EFG:| ||dfa {a}geg|fdf ecA|dfa {a}gec|{B}AGF EFA| dfa {a}geg|fdf ecA|(B/c/d)B {d}cBA|GEC EFG:| ||(FG/F/D) (EF/E/D)|FG/F/D E/F/GE|FG/F/D EF/E/D|AG/F/E BGE| FG/F/D EF/E/D|FG/F/D EFA|(B/c/d)B {d}cBA|GEC EFG|]