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X:74 T:Devil in the Bush. PFD2.074, The B:Playford's Dancing Master, Vol 2, 1713-28 Z:vmp.Chris Partington 2015 T:Sweetnor's Jigg,aka. PFD2.074 M:C| L:1/8 Q:1/2=90 N:The 6/4 portion of this appears in the Atkinson MS, 1695, as Sweetnor's Jigg N:which is also later known as Gee Woe Dobbin and Swaggering Boney W:The 1st man cast off behind the 2d Cu and his partner follows him, W:and back to back with her, which brings him into the Wos place .| W:Then the Wo casts up back again and her partner follows her W:and back to back with him, in their own places :| W:The 1st Cu cross quite over into the 2d Cu place W:then cast up again and cross over into the 2d Cu place .| W:Then go the whole figure of 8 with the 2d Cu which will bring them into the 2d Cu place :| W:Then turn right hands with your partner .| W:Then left hands with her :| W:Then Hey on the men's side and turn your partner .| W:Then Hey on the Wos side and turn your partner :| K:F f2g2 a2ga|bagf e2c2|d2B2 G2c2|A2F2 c4| f2g2 a2ga|bagf e2c2|dcBA G2c2|A2F6|| G2E2GEGE|c2G2A2F2|d2B2 dBdB|g2d2 e2c2| a2gf g2fe|defg e2c2|dcBA G2c2|A2F6|| M:6/4 Q:3/4=90 c2|A3GF2 ABc2A2|(Bcd2)B2 c4c2|f3ed2 (efg2)e2|f2F2F2 F4|| f2|f3ga2 g2a2b2|a3gf2 e3fg2|f3ef2 d2g2f2|e2c2c2 c4c2| d2e2f2 c4f2|B4f2 A4f2|G3gf2 e3de2|f2F2F2 F4|]