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X:748 T:Rakish Paddy N:anon. O:Ireland B:Francis O'Neill: "The Dance Music of Ireland" (1907) no. 749 R:Reel Z:Transcribed by Frank Nordberg - http://www.musicaviva.com N:Music Aviva - The Internet center for free sheet music downloads M:C| L:1/8 K:Dmix (TcBc).d cBAB|cAGF EFGc|Ad({e}d)c defe|dcAG FGAB|cedB cBAB|cAGF EDCE|DEFG ABce|dcAG FDD2|| eg~g2 agfg|efgf ec~c2|ea~"^ 1)"a2 bgag|eaag (3(efg) dg|eg~g2 agfg|efge de fg|afge fdec|dcAG FDD2|] W: W: W:1) This ornament sign is notated with a small sharp sign below, W:indicating that the ornament should use a g sharp rahter than W:a g natural.