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X:78 T:O'Sullivan's March M:6/8 L:1/16 S:Rice - Walsh manuscript R:March K:G D2|G2B2A2 B2d2d2|egfedB AcBAGE|G2GBAc B2BAGE|A2G2G2 GEDCA,B,| D2B2A2 B2d2d2|egfedB AcBAGE|GDGBAc B2BAGE|A2G2G2 G4:| |:de|fedefd fedefd|fedefd e2d2c2|BAGABc d2e2f2|gfefge d2B2G2| gbagfe fagfed|egfedB AcBAGE|GDGBAc B2BAGE|A2G2G2 G4:| % % The above is an involved variant of a much simpler jig tune of % identical name printed in "Lynch's Melodies of Ireland 1845"; % and in "O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland 1907". The strain is % ancient. Following is a quatrain of a folk song sung to it in % the editor's boyhood days: % "There was an old woman tossed up in a blanket % Seventeen times as high as the moon; % What she was doing there I cannot imagine % But in her hand she carried a broom." % All of which is reminiscent of the days of witchcraft.