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X: 78 T:The Crossroads Dance R:jig C:Ed Reavy M:6/8 L:1/8 Z:Joe Reavy N:It was a popular place for holding N:dances in the old tradition. Ed was not N:much of a dancer, but he went along N:just the same in hopes that an N:"odd good player might be manning the fiddle." K:G e/2f/2|gfe dcB|A2 E E2 F|GFG DEF|G2 D D2 f| gfe dcB|A2 E E2 F|GFG DEF|G3 G2 f||gfe dcB| e2 E E2 F|GFG DEF|G2 D D2 f|gfe dcB|e2 E E2 F| GFG DEF|G3 G2 A|:B^cd efg|dcB A2 B|cBA a2 g| fdf gdB|GBd gfg|dcB A2 B|cBA a2 g|1fdf g2 A:| [2fdf g2 f:|