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X:783 T:The Gaelic Revival N:anon. O:Ireland B:Francis O'Neill: "The Dance Music of Ireland" (1907) no. 784 R:Reel Z:Transcribed by Frank Nordberg - http://www.musicaviva.com N:Music Aviva - The Internet center for free sheet music downloads M:C| L:1/8 K:A c|d(FE2) DFAF|dTF-F2 AFDc|BA(=GF) EFGA|B(ABc) dfec|dTF-F2 ATF-F2|DFAc d c(de)|f(edc) Bc (3(dcB)|(AF)(dF) FEE|| d|cAeA E(AcA)|c(Bce) f(edc)|dBfB (GA)Bc|d(cdf) gfed|cAEA cAeA|c(Bce) f(ef g)|agf(e fe)d(c|df)e(d cA) A|| d|cBA(c BAF)A|d(TFF2 A)FDd|cBA(c BA)FA|B(EEF) =GABd|cBA(c BA)FA|DFAB A( Bde)|f(edc) Bc (3(dcB)|(AF)(dF) FEE|| d|cAEA e(Ace)|fga(f ed)ce|d(BGB) f(Bde)|f(efg) afed|cA (3AAA eA (3AAA|fAa (A cd)ea|f(ede) fg (3(agf)|(ec)dB cA A|]