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X:79 T:Gladly Would I Go M:6/8 L:1/8 S:Capt. F. O'Neill R:March K:D A/2G/2|F2 A AFA|BGB AFD|F2 A AFd|EFE E2 G| F2 A AFA|BGB AFD|FA>F GEC|D>ED D2|| A|dBd cAc|BGB AFD|dBd cAc|BGB A2 B/2c/2| dBd cAc|BGd AFD|FA>F GEC|D>ED D2|| % % This fine old march was memorized from the % playing of William McLean a famous Highland % piper much admired in Chicago some fifty years ago. % The tune in almost identical setting was included in % a book of pipe music, published at Glasgow about % 1825 under two names: "The Duke of Athol's % March" and a long Gaelic title expressive of romance % and chivalry. Its spirited swing and characteristic % cadences, no less than its Gaelic title indicate an % Irish origin.