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X:792 T:Out With the Boys 2nd Setting C:F O'Neill B:O'Neill's Music of Ireland N:O'Neill's - 761 Z:Transcribed by Stephen Foy ( Z:abc 1.6 M:6/8 R:Jig K:G ((3D/E/F/)|G3 g2 e|dBG AGE|DEG BAG|BAA (A2 B/A/)|\ G3 g2 e|dBG AGE|DEG BAG|AGF G2:| ||d|e^de gfg|e^de gfg|e^de gfg|fdB B2 d|\ e^de gfg|agf gfe|BcB AGA|BGE E2|| ||((3D/E/F/)|G2 g gdB|G2 g gdB|DFA cBA|BFA GFE|\ D2 g gdB|G2 g gdB|BcB AGA|BGE E2:|