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X: 81 T:The Castleblaney Piper R:jig C:Ed Reavy M:6/8 L:1/8 Z:Joe Reavy N:Ed said that this was a great place for pipers N:in his day. Ed is not a great lover of the pipes, N:but he had a special feeling for these great pipers N:of his childhood days when he visited the Hamills N:and family friends in County Monaghan. K:D A/2G/2|FDF ABc|dfd AGF|GBG EFG|FDF GFE|FDF ABc| dfd cde|faf gec|edc d2:|e||fed gfe|fed cAF| GBG FGA|BGE E3|f2 d g2 e|fed cde|faf gec|edc d2 e|| fed gfe|fed cAF|GBG FGA|BGE EFG|FDF ABc|dfd cde| faf gec|edc d2||