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X:838 T:Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part C:F O'Neill B:O'Neill's Music of Ireland N:O'Neill's - 807 Z:Transcribed by Stephen Foy (shf@access.digex.net) Z:abc 1.6 Z:Dal Segno above first and last bar-lines. Z:The 2nd bar of the 3rd line has an extra 1/8 note. In that bar Z:the note "e" is marked "1st" below the staff, and the note "f" Z:is marked "2d" above the staff. R:Jig M:6/8 K:G g/f/|edc BAB|GEF G2 A|Bdd Bee|Bdd dge|dBG AGE|DEG G2 A| Bed B2 A|BGG G2:|e/f/|gag fed|Bdd def|gag fed|Bee e2 f| |gag gfe|dBd g2 e f|[1 dBG AGE|DEG G2:|[2 gfg eag|fef gfe|]