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X:842 T:The Groves Hornpipe N:anon. O:Ireland B:Francis O'Neill: "The Dance Music of Ireland" (1907) no. 843 R:Hornpipe Z:Transcribed by Frank Nordberg - http://www.musicaviva.com N:Music Aviva - The Internet center for free sheet music downloads M:2/4 L:1/16 K:G D2|G2GF GABc|dBGB AGFD|=F2FE FGAB|cdfe dcBA|\ G2GF GABc|dBGB AGFD|dfeg fdcA| AG({A}G)F G2||A2|B2BA Bcde|fdcB AF (3FEF|CF (3FEF AF (3FEF|\ ABcA BG (3GFG|B2BA Bcde|fdcA dBcA| dfeg fdcA|AG({A}G)F G2||c2|d2g2 g2fg|abag f2af|\ d^cde fefg|abag f2fe|d2g2 g2fg|abag f2fe| d^cde fd=cA|AG({A}G)F G2||D2|G>d (3Bcd G>d (3Bcd|=F>c (3ABc F2(A^F)|\