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X:88 T:Diogenis. PFD3.088 T:tub Dance,the. PFD3.088 W:Longways for as many as will. L:1/4 B:Playford, Dancing Master Vol 3, 2nd Ed, c1726 Z:village music project Mike Hicken 2015 N: * In the original these notes are shown as E# which was the convention at the time. Q:3/4=80 M:6/4 K:Bb f|d>c Bc>B A|BF2- F2G/A/|B>c de2d|c3- c2B|A>B A c>dc|f>g a g>f "*"=e|fcf f2"*"=e|f3- f2 || c|c>d c A2B|cf2- f2e|d>e d c>dB|e3- e2d|cde ABc|FGA B2c|(d/e/f) c c2B|B3- B2 |] W: W: Note: Each Strain is to be Play'd twice over. W: W: First Couple turn Partners half round, and cast behind the second couple and turn Partners again W: half round, and cast behind the third couple .| Then cast over the third couple into the second W: couples place and turn Partners half round, cross over the second couple into their own places, and W: turn half round :| Then first and second couple take all four Hands quite round; the Right and W: Left quite round and cast up .| Then the first and third couple, all four Hands quite round, then W: Right and Left quite round, then each Sett to their Partners :|