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X:89 T:Lancaster Lasses. PFD3.089, The W:Longways for as many as will. L:1/8 B:Playford, Dancing Master Vol 3, 2nd Ed, c1726 Z:village music project Mike Hicken 2015 N: This sounds very odd as shown in the original. N: has it in K:DDor N:as does (as a minuet). N: * These notes are shown with a flat sign in the original. N: ** This is shown as Eb in the orininal which was the convention at the time. Q:3/8=100 M:6/8 K:Bb %?questionable "Key as shown, see NB"d>^cd A2d|e>de A2e|f>gf e2d|^c>de A3|f>ef c2f|g>fg c2g|a>gf c>fe|f6| a2c c>dc|c3B3|g2"*"_B B>cB|"*"_B3 A2f|(f2"**"=e) (e2d)|(d2^c) d2e|f>ed A>d^c|d6 |] W: W: Note: Each Strain twice. W: W: The first Man Sett to the second Woman and turn her, and then her Partner .| The first Woman W: do the same with the second Man and his Partner :| Then first Man change places with the second W: Woman and the first Woman with the second Man, and all four move round into their own places .| W: Then first Couple cross over and go the Figure of Eight between the second Couple :|