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X: 9 T:Johnny McGoohan's R:Reel C:Ed Reavy S:The Collected Compositions of Ed Reavy M:4/4 L:1/8 Z:Joe Reavy N:Johnny McGoohan's. Good musicians need N:good listeners, and two N:of the best listeners where Johnny N:and his wife Katey. Johnny would N:be waiting on his front porch N:hours before "the fellows" were N:expected on an evening for a N:session of music; and no matter how N:long they played, it was never too N:late for a few more tunes at N:the McGoohans. Tea and skohn did not N:mean (as it usually does) that N:the fiddling would stop. As Johnny N:would put it, "We'll have a bite N:to eat and be back at it for a few more N:before the night is done." N:And Katey would never disagree. K:G DF|G2 Bd gdBG|DGBd cAFA|G2 Bd gdBd|cBAG FADF|GABd gfaf| gedB A2 Bc|(3dcB (3cBA BFAF|1 ACB,A, G,A,B,D|2G2 Ac BFFA| B2 GA Bdef|gfga gedc|B2 GA B2 eB|dBAF EFFA|B2 GA Bdef| gfe^c d2 ef|gbag fagf|1 e^cAF G2 GA|2 e^cAF G2||