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X: 92 T:The Girl From Killencare R:jig C:Ed Reavy M:6/8 L:1/8 Z:Joe Reavy N:Ed has long cherished a love for the N:written and spoken word. He might have N:been a poet if his educational opportunities N:had taken a different route. One of his earlier N:verses talks of this lassie from Killencare: N:Though frost may come and the winter's snow, N:And bitter winds down the mountains blow, N:I'll see you here again, my dear, N:When spring comes 'round to Killencare. K:G A/2G/2|FDF ABc|dAF BGE|FDF ABc|dfd cAG|FAF A,DE| DFA cBA|ged CAC|edc d2:|f/2g/2|afd dcd|Bcd efg| fdf ged|cEF GFE|DFA dAF|EGB efg|fdf gec|edc d2:|