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Aaron's Key An Ghlaisin Art O'Keefe's Au revoir Laurence et Robin August Banks Of Lough Gowna, The Brandy Breton Gavotte 1 Breton Gavotte 2 Breton Gavotte 3 Brookie the Wheaton is Pregnant Castle Kelly Chutney Ciel d'automne Cinvat, Le Dean Street Dick's Maggot Dr Fauster's Tumblers Erwan's An Dro Number 1 Erwan's An Dro Number 2 Erwan's An Dro Number 3 Erwan's An Dro Number 4 Fairy Like First Snow Five Legged Goat, The Flambeaux, Les Flippen Four minutes and thirty three seconds Gaelic Gavotte Glorious 13th, The Heart Shaped Wood Horse's Bransle Hounds Tune Hut On Staffen Island, The Jack Lintel Jack McCann Jamesy Gannon's Japanese Hornpipe Jimmy Allen Jockey and Jenny Katchacola Korolenko's Backyard Land of Milk and Honey Liam Childs Lime Hill Mangersta Beach marée montante, la Mazurka de Gaëlle Mike Hobin's Miller of Drone, The Monkey Puzzle Mont St Louis, Marche du montebello 7-8 Mornings at Bonnie Doon November Wind Nuvuja Polka O'Flaherty's Hornpipe Olympus Mons One More Dance and Then Pat And Al's Pick the Lock Polska de Mémoire et Racine Pull The Knife And Stick It Again Quiet Autumn, A Richard's Bouree Ril Aoife Road To The Isles, The Rolling Waves, The Rose In The Gap, The Sansonette, La Scattery Island Slide, The Schottische Virmoux Scottisch A Catinaux Siobhan O'Donnell's Soggy's Splendid Isolation Sunshine Schottische, The Superlative Thirds Sweeney's Buttermilk Taxman Mazurka, The Thunderhead Tourniquets, Les Tune Tune Unknown Bourrée valse des voyages, La Venture Walled Garden Waltz Washington Square Park Watermans Willow Tree, The Winster Gallop Wrong Foot Forward